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Ukulele & BLISS

Posted on 10 Feb 14 Monse's Recent News | No Comments

About two weeks ago I got an awesome looking, and sounding, Ukulele and since then I wrote three new songs. It is great to experience new instruments and sounds! So I chose my favorite song of the three & I took the opportunity to record this past weekend with a really great group of friends/musicians. This new song is called “Slip and Fall” and although we used my concert Uke it sounded a lot like a guitar. (Which is super sweet)


Now I have been able to use all my instruments in various forms!!! Vocals for original songs and Opera, the Violin in Mariachi, the Alto Sax in Jazz, and of course the Ukulele for some jamming songs!! (:

As of now, I have 6 songs on my soundcloud which is a dream come true, and I am waiting on the wonderful master versions fixed by incredible sound engineers! On Saturday I also teamed up with the talented members of BLISS SD to record one of their originals songs called “Lets Pray for Peace Tonight”.

Going back to my Uke, I learned to cover many songs with just 4 simple chords.  It’s been a lot of fun learning the strumming pattern(up, up, down, down, up, up, down, down) (thanks to Darby Lee)! Since I have been taking a lot of serious music theory classes I have been able to really learn about harmony and chord progression! I love USD, I love Music and I love Musicians! Its been a great ride so far and I am looking to sharing my music with the world! But I will always love the 619 and the 909!!


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