Surprises Just Around the Corner

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Days are passing by quickly!  I am almost finished with my freshman year, how amazing it has been!

This month I have been very musically active. Whether it be: writing my own songs, learning to read Italian music, or sight reading at a Mariachi Competition I have been learning from and teaching those around me. On Campus there is a lot going on in the Music Department a lot of upcoming shows; mostly classical music.


It has been hard to juggle 8 classes, my Latina sorority meetings, and all my work hours but I find time to do so! I have also recently been interested in learning about the Bible because of my theology class and I have paid more visits to the chapel on my campus.


This week I will attend a talent show in support of my old group home’s  (TASD) event, and a benefit showcase in support of my high school’s event (SDHS-IS). Funny enough, I will not only going to watch these talented teens but I have the privilege to sing songs at each event and one of my newer originals : “Give Him”.  During this week I will also start to stage my Opera trio on my college campus theatre and I will have my first vocal performance song memorized: “Se Florind e Fidele”.


I am waiting patiently for the end of this month because I will be able to choose my roommates for next semester and possibly which apartments we are interested in. I will also be closer to Easter break extended weekend… and then FINALS!!


Last week I was blessed by the opportunity of becoming a vocal coach for a nearby high school Mariachi group. I am beyond happy I know that I can be helpful to the students and the students will also help me explore the world of music through a different lens.


Cheers to everyone who is following their dreams!

Much Love!


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