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Opera & Mariachi

Posted on 25 Feb 14 Monse's Recent News | No Comments
USD Sunset

What a wonderful day, I have been practicing songs left and right for my upcoming opera and mariachi concerts. The opera concert will consist of several scenes from different operas I will be doing (I’m only thinking of you- La Man de la Mancha & We will meet tomorrow- The Musical Titanic). The Mariachi Showcase will be a competition that will bring in the best professional mariachi performers in the country to play with high school and college students on the final day (15th). The competition will be from 10-6pm and will be fun and express a lot of latino culture! Opera concert: April 27th at 2pm (USD) University of San Diego, Shiley Theater tickets at door! & Mariachi Showcase: March 13,14,15th (: 13 and 14th are at 6pm in USD Shiley Theater and the 15th is to be announced National City Park.  I have also been blessed with such a great vocal teacher who is going to show me what is really special about my voice. The weeks have been flying by this semester and it keeps getting better! I will soon be able to sing in Italian: “Se Florindo e Fidele”, I will be able to learn how to correctly hold the violin like a professional thanks to my dear friend Mae!! This coming Saturday I will be able to record a couple new songs With BLISS SD at the Studio West Recording Studio and I am very excited of course. What I have been listening to lately consists of: The Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons, and Vicente Fernandez an odd mixture I Know! I love to listen to various musicians because as a musician I must be aware of the great bands and solo artists out there! I have been reading a lot of bios on Pandora lately! Great way to learn while enjoy at the same time! Spring break is coming soon and I am excited and yet nervous because immediately after comes the big college midterm weeks where the library stays open 24 hours and you know there no longer is time to mess around. (: I have been studying and keeping up with my homework but tests always come as a shock to me, I’m sure you would know. With respect to USD and my life there, I am excited to be possibly forming a jam session with my close musician friends, one plays the violin, another trombone, another the viola, and the last one on the piano + me. Opportunities are great here and so many people are willing to collaborate! It’s going to be an exciting year! I cant help but mention that soon I will be performing in a talent show that will be hosted by my former group home (TASD) Toussaint Academy of San Diego and I have been asked to go and perform for and with the new residents! I am thrilled and I hope to see family, friends, and/or those in the area stop by! -Love Monse!

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