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Wow! As always, (in the world of a college student) today has been a productive day. I learned to correctly notate the note head, rests, stems, clefs and even ledger lines, haha!
Specifically Jingle Bells and We Wish You A Merry Christmas.(In solfege of course, and conducting in 2/4)
My Music Instructors are amazing and work great during class and office hours… I am blessed! I really enjoy learning to write what I hear not only melodically but rhythmically. ♡:) it has been coming in handy for my new songs!
I know that in the months to come I will have performances left and right so soon I will actually have to practice, haha!

On another note I was going to declare my major as … MUSIC, of course. But then I would have to put down my minor as well, so I freaked out and decided to wait a little more. It won’t be long until I can say I finished the college years as a music major with emphasis in vocal. I have been gathering info from past events that I have done and preparing for future open mic performances as well as USD ensemble performances.

My goals this week are to: get a lighter backpack, ride my bike, learn Somewhere Over The Rainbow on the Uke, and actually understand my circle of 5ths! (:

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